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So some know that I have had a problem with two motors having white stuff in the oil at start up. Today I went out and ran to op temp and let fan kick on, then shut it off and open the oil filler cap. I went to smell the oil and it smelled like I pulled up to the pump and put a little gas in the oil. Maybe the fuel pump is faulty and dumping gas into the oil some how, is it possible? Can gas in the oil cause a white looking substance? And if it did, wouldnt there be other indications that this is happening? I did a leak down test and there is no leak in the cooling system so i dont think its coolant. It only is visible until the motor is nice and warm. I am sending oil samples in tomorrow so I guess we will find out by thursday. Other than this the motor runs awsome I put 150 miles on her the other day and not one problem.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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