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Martinc might be able to answer this..

The Flow commander evens out the air flow between carburetors. It also allows you to jet the carbs, then adjust the air to match? Is this right?

Then the dial a jet adds an additional source for fuel to be added. So you want to be jetted about 15% leaner so the new system can fill in with more atomised fuel.

So if you use both systems would you start by fitting the dial a jet first? Get that working, then add the flow commander to fine tune?

Please post some more real info, not a fancy advertisement for the products like the web site.

Thanx in advance...

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you"re right on the money.

but i"d start with the FC before the DAJ;

i feel like the DAJ will be good for ramair setups and nitrous applications...maybe even turbos...it should work also on a stock motor with minimal mods such as a full system.

just talked with Lonn at thunderproducts about the kit that is coming for me...

i still have problems with the concept of injecting more gas-although atomised to a very lean ratio-over a possibly rich setup....

but he assured me that due to the fact that its working using the harmonics-lean and rich has their respective frequencies-all will be well.

right now you can buy either of the 2,but its better if you could wait a week or two till i try the duo together...it should work,but hey,how many time in life you have the opportunity for someone else to try something that has never been tried before????

i"ll get my air/fuel ratio gauge working by then,and i"ll record the changes.
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