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R1-013 `Lucky 13th` Squadron Members List

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This is the updated list of members as of spring of 2013 and will be updated regularly. Please don't booger this thread up, If you have a question you can post up in the post whore thread or PM me or the X/O, xTomKx .
Things will get accomplished faster that way.

To Become a member of the Lucky 13th you must...

1. Live in the Northeast.

2. Rock an 013 sticker on your bike or daily riding helmet.

3. It is required that you post a picture of it in xTomKx's new LUCKY 13th Sticker and Picture Thread


I believe that once a member, you're always a member, unless you specifically request to be removed. In the near future I may color code the active members. Any suggestions? Post them in the Lucky 13th Post Whore Thread 3.0

1. Devil1 - Brunswick, me
2. R1 - Lowell, Ma
3. Datsun280 - Jefferson, Ma
4. Peg Grinder - Auburn, Pa
5. Nail Biter - Auburn, Pa
6. Spankolito - Auburn, Pa
7. JDollaz- L.I. , N.Y
8. R.Stunna - Brooklyn, NY
9. MaRce1o - Randolph, MA
10. JerzyBoy973 - Orange, NJ
11. Tapcon - Elkton, MD
12. Irish01 - Baltimore, Md
13. Southern118 - Cape May, NJ
14. BB R1 - Royersford, PA
15. Lutefisk69 - Westminster, MD
16. Ludenaa - Clifton NJ
17. DoomWithAnR1 - Gaithersburg, MD
18. Leth3an - Waterville, ME
19. blackfzr1000- east stroudsburg pa
20. bmacknyc1k - Staten Island, NY
21. imapitbull- Stafford Spring's , CT
22. Urisbigb - Cranston, RI
23. brownspanishboy- Harlem, New York
24. cyclepsycho7 - Perth Amboy, NJ
25. Sk8board511- Scarborough, ME
26. gripNrip - Lehigh Valley, PA
27. Bikerdude331 - West Chester, PA
28. JMoretti13 - Oneonta, NY
29. Rush Mayhem IV - West Haven, CT
30. sleev-les - Annapolis, MD
31. letsride24-7 -- Collegeville, PA
32. EVD R1 - Towson (Bmore), MD
33. Jas05R1 - buffalo, NY
34. xTomKx - New Joisey C/O
35. lastedtiger-Brooklyn,NY
36. luded1- Jarrettsville, MD
37. fbpsb82 - Huntingtown, MD
38. KaoticCO - Woodbridge, New Jersey
39. R1 Enthusiast - Long Island, NY
40. 4EverWiKiD - Bridgeton, NJ
41. Slickonez99 - Philly, PA
42. JKrunsthecity - Cherry Hill, NJ
43. NYC_THROTTLE - Queens, NY
44. BRAT- Dover, DE
45. Pilot711 - St. Leonard, MD
46. Kingnba6 - Queens, NY
47. YamahaJoe - Meriden, CT
48. BallistiK - South Kingstown, RI (RIP)
49. kickarsmann - Boston, MA
50. hawkenstine - Cheverly, MD
51. cagle77 - Indiana, PA
52. whyzeeeffareone - Glen Burnie, MD
53. R1jdem - Buffalo, NY
54. snoman48 - Poughkeepsie, NY
55. street591-Carnegie, PA
56. quick kurt, Philly, PA
57. Alaskaflyer, Forestdale, MA
58. spins615 (# reserved until sticker made)
59. muyfeo, Philly, PA
60. Illernoise, Fort Drum, NY
61. Darren08R1, CT
62. Low Standards, Old Bridge NJ
63. F75Gunslinger, Rochester,NY
64. Ranhazz, Norwich, NY (need sticker/pic verification Currently deployed Afghanistan )
65. Rico_Law, Middletown, NY
66. DSM908, Elizabeth, NJ
67. r1madman, North Beach, MD
68. masteratarms, Sayre, PA
69. marshdrummer, Southington, CT, X/O
70. JHKOCHER32, Arnold, MD
71. JonnyRocket, South Windsor, CT
72. readynwillin, Waterbury CT.
73. Everclr, Hagerstown, MD.
74. Blitzkriegh, Cliffwood, NJ
75. Carlos461, Brooklyn, NY
76. AnthonyJoseph13, Charlotte Hall, MD
77. My 04 R1, Carlisle, PA
78. ripnr6, Matawan, NJ
79. Dave04R1, Hebron, CT
80. jcfz6r1, Hummelstown, PA
81. DouglasyzfR1, Corinth, NY (Upstate)
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well all I know is that devil1 is the CO for the "wolfpack" squadron :lol
I would like to reserve spot #88..... Lol do you even take reservations?
of course, make 10 bogus emails.. order 10 sets of stickers.. then you register,, voila
I am interested in becoming a member is there a FB page for it.. hit me up on FB under robby ryder
dont believe we have an FB page... but if you go to the chat whore section http://www.r1-forum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=332837&page=235 youll be able to put in your info there... we usually commenting daily.. also you can request the stickers to put on your ride...
on another note, welcome aboard, hope to see you soon, glad we have another potential member.... pics are always welcome of the new ride (or old ride, depending if you just wanted a place to meet super awesome people with the best bike ever !)
DSM is 100% accurate!

Welcome aboard! Lots of good peeps in the 13...and on the whole board! and as always - PICS!!!!!
Switch squadrons

Hey fellas, I moved up to NY not to long ago and believe that switching squadrons from VENOM to here is in order. Looking to get my bike back on the road and need to do a few things. My bike was stolen a while back and only the frame was recovered. I have bought pretty much everything to put it back together but need a little help on things that the service manual cant provide. Looking to see if anyone lives on Staten Island or nearby and can let me take a look at their bike for vacuum line and coolant hoses, all would be much appreciated. Looking to get my sticker shortly to join Thanks again.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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