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R1 as first bike

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I was reading another thread about Haga getting a new R1. Well, I just got a new '01 R1 that the dealer didn't sell last year. Got it last monday. The only thing I rode before was a moped for a couple years when I was younger and I used to ride my mountian bike a lot. hehe. I don't think it's a bad idea as long as you are responsible about it. In the manual it says to keep it under 5k RPMs for the first 600 miles and that is what I am doing. Gives me a good time to get used to the handling of the bike too! I am just taking it one step at a time. First couple of days I just went really slow and concentrated on gear shifts and taking off from a standstill. Now I am going along some twisty roads to learn the handling better... not going very much over the posted limit. I have put 170miles on it so far and I am beginning to feel comfortable with it, 63 miles today! The only complaints I would have about it is that my wrists get soar because it seems like all of my weight ends up being supported by my wrists. Oh, and today I took of fast from a start and my front wheel wobbled.. it was a little scary... is that what steering dampers are for? I figure there was a bump in the road.
I am wondering if I should change the oil before the 600 mile mark... any of you have some suggestions for that?
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When breaking in your bike, don't pass 8k rpm and don't stay in one rpm always fluctuate your rpms, you might look like an asshole riding like that but thats how you break in your motor properly. Also your wrist hurting thats probably because you're gripping the damn thing with all your life, you should loosing up your arms a bit. Get a damper!:rock
oh yeah on the twisties learn how to countersteer or you'll be eating a divider! Push right to go right, push left to go left. :D
oh yeah on the twisties learn how to countersteer or you'll be eating a divider! Push right to go right, push left to go left. :D
From a Moped to an R1. Thats a new one.
The pain in your wrists will go away when you reach speeds fast enough that the wind supports your upper body weight rather than your wrists supporting it.
I really hope that you are going to take some rider training course and get yourself some riding gear.
there are lots of posts here about riding an R1 for your first bike. Can't tell you what to do, and you alredy own it so just take it easy and don't worry if someone is faster than you on a smaller bike it takes time to be fast.
I did my first oil change at 1000km
oh ya and enjoy!!
Running In


I bought my 01 R1 on New Years Eve, handed over the cheque,sat on the bike in the driveway and the Salesman started his delivery BULL$HIT, I started the bike and said buddy thanks for the deal GOTTA GO, clicked first gear pulled out the driveway, and gave it a handful, the rear end was losing traction due to the tire being brand new, after doing some back street turns gradually wearing the shiny stuff off the tire I headed straight to my favourite road, and gave it heaps, when I got to approx. 200 miles I took it out on the track and belted it hard, did the first oil change at 1000miles You want an engine to go hard you have to run it in hard, These engines are the pinnacle of high performance engineering, do you think that when they take a formula 1 car out on the track they run the engine in first? NO. So dude,, all i can say is go for it. If it blows up take it back and get a new one,, it is under warranty.
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