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I bought my 01 R1 on New Years Eve, handed over the cheque,sat on the bike in the driveway and the Salesman started his delivery BULL$HIT, I started the bike and said buddy thanks for the deal GOTTA GO, clicked first gear pulled out the driveway, and gave it a handful, the rear end was losing traction due to the tire being brand new, after doing some back street turns gradually wearing the shiny stuff off the tire I headed straight to my favourite road, and gave it heaps, when I got to approx. 200 miles I took it out on the track and belted it hard, did the first oil change at 1000miles You want an engine to go hard you have to run it in hard, These engines are the pinnacle of high performance engineering, do you think that when they take a formula 1 car out on the track they run the engine in first? NO. So dude,, all i can say is go for it. If it blows up take it back and get a new one,, it is under warranty.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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