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R1 Forum Meet, May 12th @ Speed Zone in Dallas

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Lets get everyone together for a hell of a good time. Everyone (and every bike) is invited. This is the chance to get together and meet other forum members, and make new friends. Be a good time for everyone. We can all goof off at SpeedZone for a bit and then hit the road and do what we all love. Be show and tell time for your riding skills. Bring all your friends. This is NOT a race, but if you can do an 8 mile wheelie I wanna see it :) Lets meet early (at least by 10am) so that we can have plenty of time to have fun. Be great to see everyone's bike. You can see all the cool stuff you want but cannot affort yet, or show everyone your handy work. Lets have some fun :D

MAY 12th SPEED ZONE in DALLAS off of I-35 at 10AM

I am open to any and all ideas or suggestions, just E-mail me and let me know what you think at [email protected]:cool:
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Cool fuckin' shit man

I'm in no doubt. I'll spread the word. I live just up the street from the place about 10 miles. Hope to see lots of bikes there, even if it ain't an R1. ;)
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