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I picked up this 03 R1 about two weeks ago that has some frame damage and needs to be replaced. As I'm looking thru ebay for another frame (I can't afford OEM), these frames are goin for a $1000+, I find my old bike ('Zuki TL1000R) for like $2500! I almost wanna give up on the frame search, cuz thats not only a chunk of money, but time as well. I'd be doing the swap with help from a motorcycle-saavy neighbor. I've done minor work and repairs on my previous bikes.

My question to you guys is, where can I find a good frame at a great price? I'm in Dallas, and purchased this bike for the love of the ride, and the ease of 30 mile commute to work!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


97 CBR F3
01 GSXR 750
00 TL1000R
almost 03 R1!!!
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