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Hello everybody!
I am planning to take a tour with my R1 this summer.
I will bring a tent, my girlfriend :boobies (the most important!) and a lot of other things.
My plan is to have a tank-bag, two small bags over the seat back, and my girlfriend will have a rucksack on her back.
Have anyone tried to do a “touring” with the R1, I mean we will set up the tent and leave all the bags etc. in the tent, and then go for day tours, and please, I know there is hotel but both myself and my girlfriend really LIKE the camping thing so we will do it the “hard way”.

Have anyone some suggestion of witch kind of packing bags that are to recommend?
I have already ordered the original R1 tank-bag.

Please respond if you have some fact that will help me to find the best pack solution for my R1!

Kind regards Mats

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A solution

Find a buddy with a goldwing or ST1100 to carry that s**t for you:D My idea of touring with the R-1 is a SMALL tailpack with toothbrush, undies, sox, shorts, and a credit card, Now that's touring;)
Seriously, about 6 of us trailer our bikes down to southern Oregon each summer, split motels, and straif those neato Nor Cal roads for days on end. We bring all our gear, stands, tools, extra tires and parts, but we don't have to deal with it out riding at all.
I realize it's a different deal with your signifigant other, but if I were going very long with all that gear and a girl I'd be trading a buddy bike for bike to get something more comfortable for her and practical to carry all your stuff:D Have a friend with a BMW boxxer who's been dieing to ride your R-1?:yesnod

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make sure that your lady knows what shes getting into before you strap that bag to her back. There's really no point in bringing her along if she is got a gimpy back and won't talk to you anyway. :bash .
You can't tell that I am speaking from experience can you?
good luck on the trip, I have done 3 day trips before just never with a passenger. I used a set of saddlebags. They weren't the most attractive soulution and I guarantee that you have never experienced anything like banking into and onramp with a full set of saddlebags attached. keeps things interesting. ha
Seriously I was able to bring everything I needed and it didn't really interfere with the riding much at all.
Have fun and don't you dare trade that yamaha for anything else even if it is just for the week.

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I agree don't try to have your girlfriend wear a back pack.
Check out the Ventura bags. They work great on the R1. Just load the lighter stuff back there.
Here is the link to the R1 with their bags and I think I was able to attach the picture.


I rode with my ex-girlfriend two 400 mile days loaded down with the Ventura bag full my full size Chase Harper saddlebags and a tank bag all stuffed. It would do great wheelies let me tell you :)
Hope you have fun.

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Before you ask. No, she didn't break up with me because of that trip.
She broke up due to me moving away and not being able to ride on the R1. She went through terrible wheelie withdrawals.

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I have done a few big trips on my R1, first thing to get is a Bagster tank bag and cover, procects the tank and it's great to lean on and take the weigt of your wrists.

Second a ventura Rack, just strap what you kneed to it.

I rekon you will probably need saddle bags as well knowing how my Gf has to bring everything just in case.

It really is good fun and the Bike will handle all the extra weight no probs.


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