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MCN has just finished their back to back test of the R1, GSXR, CBR1000 and ZX10 and pronounced the R1 the winner.

They say

MCN names Yamaha’s 2004 R1 our superbike of the year in Wednesday’s issue because it’s stable, exciting and fast.

In our March 3 issue you’ll see the R1 pitched against all its key competitors: Kawasaki’s ZX-10R, Honda’s Fireblade and Suzuki’s GSX-R1000. And it’s the R1 that gets our vote.

We put them through their paces on the track, on sun-kissed (and rain-soaked) French and Spanish roads and ran them on dynos and on closed roads.

Make sure you get hold of a copy of the paper for the full story… but here are some of the facts and figures:

The R1 makes 147.9bhp, 70.47ftlb of torque and hits 177.72mph. The Blade delivers 146.6bhp, 73.9ftlb of torque and 178.15mph. We recorded 175.57mph, 144.4bhp and 74.8ftlb of torque for the GSX-R1000. And the ZX-10R was tested to 176.3mph, made 147.7bhp and 74.6ftlb of torque.

I'll post more when I see the paper !

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I thought the HP numbers would be a lilttle higher on all of the bikes.
Now, we will have to see what the other magazines do.
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