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Don't know about the R6 sprocket but the 02 (and 03) R1 sprocket will fit the 04. Actually I think any R1 spocket will fit. Greg put his old 1998 front on his 04. I just ordered (yesterday) the 02 OEM sprocket (16 tooth) to replace my 04 TALL front (17 tooth).

Good thing too, just today, going thru RAMONA, CA, in traffic I needed to get away from the stop light and as I started to move out in the HOT weather, with that TALL first gear I bogged it and stalled the thing. DOH!! :p Cranked it back up and had to really slip the clutch to get going and not get run over by the F350 on my ASS. hehehe

no doubt now I'm going to that 16 tooth ASAP!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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