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I must say a big THANK YOU for all of u that have contributed to this forum regarding the A and R Baffles. If it wasn't for all you, it wouldn't have taken me just a mere 3 hours of work total (muffler mod only). I did however buy extra packing but did not put them in. There was just not enough room even packing it tight...I'm thoroughly satisfied with the packing that came with the kit. Not really that loud and it sounds bad ass...

As one forum member recommended, do buy a 3/8 ti bit for the spot welds. It makes it easier to grind the welds off. My Roto zip did the rest. Lipping the outer shell helped as it broke the welds. Then lightly tapping the tip from top, bottom, left and right walked the inner baffle right out...man that was a cinch...

Just got home test driving the unit and i'm sure people heared me...can't wait to put in a full ride to see how it is...

Thanks All...it was money well spent...:scoots:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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