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RC51 or 02 R1?? Advice ?

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Hello everyone, I am new to this board and am looking for some R1 advice. I have ridden for 15+ years (all sportbikes) and have owned only Honda's CBR 600/900 and I just sold my RC51 Last year (new baby was on the way) I miss riding extremely and really want to get back into riding, it's in my blood. Here is my problem. I don't know which bike to buy anymore? I LOVED my RC51, best bike I have ever owned hands down, but my wife Hated riding on the back of it. Too hardcore. And looking back itr was really a hardcore bike for the street as well. The riding position with the bar height being only 1.3inches or so killed my wrists, Ouch !

Anyone want to offer any advice or comparison points with the new 2002 R1? This bike recently caught my eye, but am looking for experienced 02 or even 01 riders for any concerns/relaibility problems that effect the 2001/2002 R1. I know my Hondas were perfect, nothing ever went wrong with them.Nothing.
Any comments from your wifes or girlfriends that have ridden with you on the R1.

If someone has actually switched from an RC51 to this new R1 that would be ideal.

Thank you in advance for any word of advice.
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Can tell you this much. It's not nice sitting as a passenger on the R1. I gave a girl a ride a week ago or so and she didn't complain too much but she was certainly not overly excited about the seating position.
She said that my CBR had a better passenger seat.

I have myself been a passenger on the R1 and for me being 180cm / 6.0" I didn't like the way I sat especially much. Rather drive the bike :)

Regarding power, the R1 has more! You'll love the power delivery!
Hi, RC51, nice bike, I've got a 01 R1 and I dont double on that, it's too hard on my arms, and its to hard on the pillions ass, I know, as my mate doubled me once. In fact the back seat has made my lady get her own bike witch is cool. Good luck dude.:)
The true sports bikes are getting further and further away from comfort. Maby they are expecting you to get there quicker. I love the race crouch but not all do. You could possibily get a 959 and replace driver's the seat and revalve the forks. GSXR's are also a little more comfortable than the R1 and much more comfortable than the RC for the passenger. hard to get to excited about a GSXR though for most honda men.

Dont rule out bar risers for any bike you get.
The only twin id get is a ducati... :D the rc51 racebike looks awesome... but the streetbike...uhhh i dunno. that bike is a lot heavier than the R1... but like all twins... it does have TORQUE. :D But if it wasn't a Ducati... id prefer a high wailing 4 banger like an R1.:
Hey RC51 dood,

You found yer guy! I used to own a 01 RC51 but due to a freakin' mishap and the hard ground, now own a 02 R1.

Off the showroom floor, the RC51 is setup stiffer. I liked the stiffer suspension setup and thanks to many on this board, have my R1 suspension tuned to what I am accustomed.

As for comfort, they are pretty much the same. Same wrist pressure, pillion comfort however better wind protection on the RC51 (hence, my new windscreen).

The FI on both bikes are awesome, smooth and seamless.

The RC51 was much easier to ride in to and out of conrners despite its heavier weight. The RC51 has a great balanced feel and with the torque and powerband of the twin, exiting corners was not an issue.

The R1 is freakin' fast. It feels crazy fast as I sweep past 9k... probably a little faster than the RC. I thought that the RC was a wheelie monster... the R1 is the king of wheelies.

Honda transmissions rule, enough said. A little clunky on the R1.

They both look so cool! :cool:

I am extremely happy with R1, nothing but compliments from others.
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DNSZOOM, I knew there would be someone on this board that had BOTH bikes!!! One question off topic though, how did you get that small picture under your user name? Is it somewhere under my profile where I can insert it?

Comfort = Basically the same on both bikes ? Great that's not good, the RC51 was a torture rack sometimes and I was hoping the R1 be a little better.

Ride: Rc51 was a torque monster very easy and STABLE in corners when pushed very hard, balanced very well Loved it.
How stable was the R1, I know this year they added some trail to stabilze it? Overall feel? Better , same?

Weight; Rc51 felt heavy on switchbacks and slow turns.
R1 lighter and feel?

Passenger Comfort: You are telling me the SAME on both bikes, DAMN...that's not good.
Now tell me about reliabilty?

Yamaha any good in that dept?


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test, that' WAS my bike guys. I miss riding.
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