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RE: tank slapper

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:mad: I should have taken your advise before & bought a steering dampner for my R1, the other day while cruzing around I had a nasty tank slapping incident.. thank gawd I managed to keep it upright though, it scared the beegeezes out of me. It was a straight smooth road but it shook like made in 3rd changing to 4th. I live in Australia & I can't find anyone that sells the "Scotts steering dampner", I hear that's the bet one to buy..? Does anyone know of a link where I could purchase over the net & have it delivered to me all the way over here in australia??:bash
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Hi Adrian,

Dont mind me askin: Why would the Scotts damper be any better than the Öhlins damper. If you cant get hold of a Scotts, why not by an Öhlins. ( atleast just as good). :yesnod
The Ohlins is a great damper,I have a friend with one and the only thing is it bounces up and down on the triple clamp. If you want a Scotts go to www.kneedraggers.com
damper explosion

Actually the Ohlins does flop on the steering head bolt and not the triple clamp. I believe I am that friend Twisted is talking about (Hi twisted Logic). :hellobye I'm going to put a small piece of rubber between the damper and the bolt to take care of the problem.
When I ordered my R1, I rolled in a Scotts damper to be included. It was discounted nicely when I bought the bike. Hell, I also got a Pitbull stand, Vanson leather jacket at discount. Anyway, they did not have a Scotts in inventory-so I waited. Later-still no damper recieved. Finally, they said they would give my the Ohlins (which was more $$) at the same cost I already paid and take it home right then. I was sceptical, but they said they were not having good luck with these Scotts dampers. The dealership told me they where having returned Scotts dampers come in that basically blew out. That is, leaking fluid and all the mess that comes with it. They metioned they were trying to work this out with the supplier and that was the hold up.
In conclusion, maybe it was :bs or maybe it wasn't. I took the Ohlin's home that day. I was happy and I felt like I got a value..
My question is " has anyone experienced or heard of this being a prevelant problem?:confused:
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