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I'm planning to install rear blinkers, most likely Short Stalk III Marker Lights. is anyone here using those? how do you like them? any fav color that you have?

they come in:

what looks good on the bike at night?


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Here again,

Someone has to be able to help this guy out!! I have an 01 R1 with the Eurotail undertail so I personally cant help you but there has to be someone in the Forum that can help ya out. I will reply to your thread so it will bump it back to the top and maybe someone will be able to help ya.:hellobye

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i got some iridium ones
to go with my eliminator...
they look pretty cool
but i may replace them because they are
fake carbon fiber and look a bit cheezy...
kinda regretting putting something like that
on such a classy bike
if ya want em ill ship em for 15 bucks total
drop me an email

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I think you should go with the black case and clear lens. I saw a picture of a silver R1 with those on it and it look tight. Somthing about the clear tail light and the clear short stalks looked great to me.

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BLove your right about some of the lights looking cheesy integrated is the only way to go. The tail on our 02's are way to good looking to put some crappy aftermarket junk on. Zenek2k do a search on tail lights and check out whats been said about integrating them. I have had mine integrated since March 2 no cop problems and every one who sees it says it looks much cleaner.

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integrating looks the best. :yesnod

you know what would look trick also? Take those lazer boltz or light bolts whatever they are called (the bolts that light up like neon) and put them for the plate bolts and then just wire them up as turn signals, that would look pretty tight!:cool: :rock

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Hotbodies is supposed to have a prototype next week of a new undertail for the '02 with integrated LED blinkers. I offered to send Roger my credit card # if he'd ship me the first one in red, but he's promised me a picture ASAP instead.

Here's the thread with the original announcement.

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