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I recently picked up my 08 R1 and i had my rear sets powder coated when i picked it up. Now my query is that my rear brake feels very hard like i really have to get on it to stop. Has anyone else had this issue? Im not sure if it has anyting to do with the powder coating but my 07 R1 was much more delicate/sensitive and wasnt powder coated... or is it just me??? Im thinking maybe the dealer stuffed up or something??? Any ideas.

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Well the 07 and 08 's brakes should feel the same, just take it back to the dealer or just bleed the brake fluid, it might just be an airlock. Make sure the pads are correctly in place.

I don't rely that heavily on rear brake as I do most braking with the front, I do however trail-brake with my rear, so I can't really tell you about how it compares.


Good luck, I hope you get it sorted.

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I think you will find that the 08 R1 comes with different brake pads to the 07 R1.
I have ridden the 07 & 08 euro spec bikes and the brakes on the 08 feel different.
the pads on my 08 are a what i would call a bright copper colour.
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