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Rear brakes...cant get the caliper off

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Hey guys and gals
Soooo I'm doing my rear brake pads for the first time on my baby, an 03. Can't get one of the bolts on the calipers off. I asked my neighbor to GENTLY break it loose annnnnd he strips it bald. So how do I get it out, is there a trick? Other bolt came out no problem. But even PB Blaster and a vise grip don't work. Now my baby's un-rideable :'( am I doing something wrong?

I attached a pic idk if you can see it


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Vice grips, drill it out, etc
tried vise grips. gonna try removing the yoshi thats in the way...
on a side note i know someone with a c5 Z cammed out and twin turbo'd. thing is frigging sexy. annywayyyyys. time to go screw up my exhaust system :banghead:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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