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I am in *way* over my head.
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I purchased these armor-containing shorts a few weeks ago:

http://www.ridegear.com/rg/item/F-54731/T-Pro/Forcefield-Action-Shorts-Pro.html (I ordered from a different company)

Now I am never going riding without them. They fit easily under jeans and offer hip and tailbone protection. An added feature of the tailbone pad is that my butt is less sore after riding on bumpy roads, and I am also finding it easier to ride faster on rough roads. They are pretty comfortable to wear; they remind me of the pads one wears to play American football, but not as bulky.

I wear these shorts and Icon Field Armor legs under jeans:

As well as Icon boots:

Then when I ride somewhere, I carry a steel cable and padlock under the seat, so I can lock my helmet and jacket to a wheel with the cable, put the gloves under the seat, and blend in with people, looking like just another guy in t-shirt and jeans. I realize that the cable can be cut by any thief with cutters, but I live in a low-crime area, and thieves are not big into stealing safety equipment anyway.

Although thankfully I have not crash-tested these shorts, yet, I'd recommend them to anyone who rides in jeans. Compared to just jeans alone, the added protection is tremendous. The shorts are easy to wear, and can save you from a painful broken tailbone, hip, or pelvis.
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