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The guy the story talks about was a co-worker of mine until last week when the company let he and his wife go on the same day. He rode a black 'Busa, which was usually in the parking lot with my R1, the only bikes in the whole lot. Pretty tragic for this time of year. Ride safe out there guys, and always think about the concequences of your actions, for you AND your families.

"Newport News Police tell WAVY.com that a marked police car was on Jefferson Ave. near Loftus Avenue at around 9 this evening.
They say that a man, possibly in his 40's, on a motorcycle would slow down as the officer slowed down and then speed up as the officer sped up.
Police say that when the officer tried to stop the motorcyclist he took off at a high rate of speed, leaving the police car behind.
At this point the officer shut his lights and siren and slowed down - breaking off a short pursuit. A few blocks farther, the officer came upon the same motorcyclist lying dead in a field.
According to police the cyclist clipped the rear of a truck near the intersection of Jefferson Ave. and Cannon. He then lost control, went off the road and hit a tree. The motorcyclist was thrown from the bike, then hitting another tree.
The accident shut down Jefferson Avenue for about two hours."
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