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:( prayers for your family

Racer Dies From Injuries Sustained In Crash During Track Day Sunday At JenningsGP
Nov 07, 2005

Copyright 2005, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.

Cavan Tubbs, 27, a WERA-licensed racer from Jacksonville, Florida, died today as a result of injuries he sustained after riding off track and hitting a tree during a track day November 6 at JenningsGP in Jennings, Florida. The track day was organized and run by the racetrack, and was not sanctioned by WERA or any other race sanctioning organization.

Tubbs was one of three riders who rode off-track at turn five of JenningsGP’s 2.0-mile, 14-turn, motorcycle-only road course. The other two riders returned to the track safely, but Tubbs was injured when he struck a tree.

Tubbs had vital signs and was responsive when he was flown out of the track on board a medevac helicopter but succumbed to his injuries at approximately 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time Monday.

Unconfirmed reports on Internet forums today claim that there were no cornerworkers in the corner, that Tubbs was not immediately seen nor assisted by cornerworkers or medical crews, and that he was not even found until the following session, after his friends reported him missing from the pits.

Paul Curtis, a former CCS/Formula USA race official who now works with JenningsGP, would not comment on the Internet reports but told Roadracingworld.com that every corner station was manned with a trained cornerworker and that two EMTs were on stand-by at the track--as always--on Sunday.

JenningsGP owner Borge Larsen, a WERA-licensed racer, was not immediately available for comment.

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I was there. It was a freak thing that the corner workers didn't see him go off. The corner workers do a great job and I don't blame them at all.

The track really still is the safest place to ride.

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RIP. What a shame. I've only been to Jennings two days, but they are all such good people up there. It must have been, like said above, just a freak coincidence they did not see him run off.

Prayers with him, his family and friends.

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hes not the first one to run off there, jeff may had his throttle stick coming into the esses, he bailed on the bike but the bike stayed upright jumped that big berm and flew into the trees,
there are no corner stations close to that place they are going to need to fix that, the dude was alive when they found him so he would have had a better chance of living if they found him right away, not saying he would have deff lived ............

my thoughts and prayers are with his family,

hope there is a big track in the sky with unlimited run off and perfect pavement and hes riding it right now

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Jenning is actually in the middle of nowhere. The track is surrounded by woods, but there is a decent amount of runoff

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Swedie said:
Sad to hear. Someone have a pic of the spot he supposedly run off at?
Do you have trees around your tracks?
Here is a pic of me at Turn 7. Turn 6 is in the background on the right hand side. You can get an idea of the terrain. However, it is deceiving. There is a lot of run off.

Here I am entering 7 with 6 in the background.

RIP dude. It is of little condolences, but he died doing what he loved.

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I was there too on Sunday. He was pitted across from us. There were corner workers at all corners. I don't know why they never saw him go off the track. There were lots of red and yellow flags in all classes Sunday. I went down in turn 8 on the last lap of the mock race later on in the day. I ended up doing a flip in the air as I hit the sand and dirt. I feel Jennings is set up properly to handle accidents of any kind. I did see the paramedics throughout the day waiting to respond to anything needed. I just can't figure out why he held on to the bike and did not let go of it as he approached the woods.

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I hate hearing about deaths in racing but it's a reality. Not near as many this day in age compared to 20-30 years ago but still too many. I've had a number of close calls with guard rails, trees etc..and I always remember what a fellow racer friend of mine taught me: If you don't think you can ride it out, latch on to the front brake and you'll be on the ground before you know it.
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