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My R1 eats my gurda
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ok guys heres the story.

recently I unmounted the forks, cleaned them, and put them back (i 180ed the black parts so the big ugly rock chips dont show).

now, and probably before, im not sure, when i rock the bottom of the forks i hear and feel some little knocking... i dont hear it when the wheel is on and i rock the forks down with front brake (i only hear brake pads knocking)

the sound happens when i rock the bottom of the forks and theres a little play. But when i try to rock the black parts of the forks (gold for euro), i cant hear anything... of course it would be harder to rock but still... is that normal?

does that mean theres a little play in the forks themselves? i detached the whole head recently and retightened everything (and im sure i tightened that sht fkn hard...). Should there be a small play when you rock the bottom of the forks? (i think) the play is not in the head bearing/races... its on the lower parts of the forks.. the silver parts.

thats how my bike is when i test: rear on stand, front lifted with jack on headers, front wheel unmounted

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