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Does anyone have a picture of their RRP rear sprocket? Reason i ask is because i recently bought a 520 conversion from Sprocket Center that included RRP sprockets and a DID ERV3 chain. Everything showed up in good time, well packaged etc......but neither sprocket was individually wrapped. they were both vacuum sealed to a piece of cardboard.

Anyway, a friend of mine just bought an AFAM 520 set for his R6 the other day. When we were installing mine last night we noticed the sprockets were IDENTICAL. not similar, the same. as in they have the same part numbers machined into both sprockets. his parts came in afam boxes. the only difference between mine and his is that there is a tiny oval "RRP" sticker on my rear sprocket.

Basically just trying to figure out if i got charged for a product i didnt get, or if AFAM and RRP are just the same exact thing and i was unaware of it.

I took some pics of mine before i installed them, so i may try and put them up a lil later on for comparison if anyone has anything to offer.
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