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I am my battery's tender.
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Well I've had it for about 10 months now and it decided to do a small review on it.

- Loud alarm
- Relatively simple install
- Lots of features
- Perimeter sensor is sensitive
- Different alarms for shock, tip over, perimeter sensor, and ignition
- Loud remote with nice features and will tell you the bike's battery voltage
- Doesn't kill the bike battery as quickly as people say, although the longest I've left it is 2 weeks. With the cold weather I now use a battery tender

- Remote doesn't nearly have the range they claim. Mine won't work inside a store if the bike is outside in the parking lot
- Remote battery life is about 1.5 weeks, others claim to go several weeks to a month
- About 60% of the time when the bike arms itself it does not tell the remote. So the remote thinks its disarmed... when the alarm goes off the remote does not respond
- Shock sensor has severely desensitized. A light tap used to set it off, now I can practically roll the bike around without it going off
- It's hard to find mounting places for everything
- Does not work with integrated tail light that needs power to the running light to work the signals. Some clever diodes can fix it
- Poor customer service

Maybe others have had better luck?

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hmm... thats the very alarm i am interested in..

used an i500 on my r6, the remote battery life is more than a push in the right direction.!

old design ate up the batteries in no time at all.. is the remote battery rechargeable/ how?

will be using battery tender while bike is parked through winter..

how do you deal with the integrated tail light again? diodes.. i know what those are.. please explain :) tnx!

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i have the i600 and I am quite happy with it.

The battery of both the remote and the backup from the main unit are fine (i have a trickle charger on all the time when the bike is sitting) and I have also installed a switch for the main unit to disable it from the power harness..

I am not sure why you say there is no integrated tail light, I got the y-splitter from Scorpio and I did not have to cut any wires (well one for the shut down module, but this is optional accessory).

The tech support is excellent. When I needed tech support in order to get the shut down module to work, the guy stayed on me for an hour on the phone until i figured it out (had to share the wiring of the ECU of the 2007 R1 with him.

In all, I am quite happy. The price is on the expensive side, but it is top quality alarm.

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update: as i was removing my perimeter sensor, guess what i found, the connector was off, plugged that baby back on and now its back to normal. so everything is excellent now, A+

I had i900 for 2-3 yr now, so far only problem is that my 3-Stage Perimeter Sensor is gone bad, seem like water might have got in, either way its not working anymore. I also agree with the shock sensor have gone down, at least thats what i think but not sure since it still work, i have it on setting 5 the highest, a tap on the seat set it off and if i roll bike a lil it go off. All other options still work. Good thing the sensor only cost $41 shipped. Cant really say too much about how long battery last since i dont have it on all day.
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