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U want some of THIS?
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Hello All,
Here's a quick review on Scorpion's GP Oval slip-on I just installed on my 01 R1.

- No instructions
- Quiet at Low RPM's
- needs to rejet due to "popping" noise when decelerating
- no clamp at the bottom (header)
- mid pipe needs polishing
- i hit the mid pipe quite often with my heel

- looks :rock
- screams at 6K+
- maintains passenger pegs
- few peeps with Scorpion
- easy to install
- accelaration seems smoother

Overall, I like the Scorpion. I use to have an Akra which I love the sound. Scorpion is a tad quieter, but looks awesome :yesnod . The hanger was a bit hard to put on due to the tear drop shape of the exhaust (not completely oval). The rubber part was hard to keep on.
I love the way it came with two passenger extensions. One for the exhaust side and a smaller one on the left side. I guess this is to make sure that the passenger is not favoring one side over the other.
I hope after the break-in period it gets a little bit louder. Overall, I'm quite impress with the quality. I'll have to polish the mid pipe to match the looks of the slip on.
I just wanted a change after "dented" my akra after my lowside. My overall rating is a B+. It'll be an A once it breaks in.

Here's a pix...I'll need to take more pix later to show you different angles. Notice how the slip-on is slightly short (maybe an inch or so compare to my akra).


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I went with the Scorpion GP oval on my 03 R1. I have the carbon
fiber. Yes, the can is shorter than most slip-on's. If your looking
for a loud can then the Scorpion is not the answer. If you want
a sweet sounding mellow tone throughout the powerband then
the Scorpion is a great choice. I have about 5k miles on mine.
It has gotten louder after break in. I love this can. I have the
high mount. It has the heal guard on the mid pipe and extentions
for the pass peg. Mine came with very good instructions and a
dyno for the 02/03 R1. No remapping at all. I've had it on a dyno
and the fuel/air mixture is right on the mark. I'd have to give mine
a A for sure. I get lots of looks and comments about it. The build
quality is top notch.
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