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It had to happpen, managed to clock a mere 900 miles on the new 2002 model and I've found a lovely screw living in the rear (not in the wall) :( .
Questions, will I be Ok to have this plugged? Im doing a track day Friday and have heard this is not a good idea.
If I have to go for new tyres - are there better ones than the standard 208's ??
Who has the chepest deals around the Birmingham / Midlands area ????
Ive been offered a set of Metz MEZ1's for £180 fitted - what are these like ????

thanks guys.

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Tim said:
Similar thing happened to me this past Saturday. I replaced both tires with Metzler M-1 Sportecs. The Sportecs are awesome and, no, you really shouldn't plug a motorcycle tire.
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