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My R1 eats me.
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OMG! Talk about easy to install! Just drop em in and off you go! I cleaned off all the crud from inside the perches and from the pivot bolts, etc. Packed everything full of grease and re-assembled. Flawless fit, no wobble. And...

OMFG! It feels like I put a whole new transmission in my bike! This shifts are so smoooth and so fast!!! LOVE these levers!

I was able to dial in my perfect (massive) amount of clutch freeplay so the clutch engages right as the lever comes off the grip (well, there's enough room for me to squish the lever against a finger on the grip and still have it disengage, so not quite RIGHT as it comes off).

love Love LOVE these levers :D

Install is super easy, someone even wrote a guide for it.

To order: http://www.shermotoracing.com/products/lf7

Available in any colour you want, as long as it's Black ;) The adjusters come in red, gold or silver.

Don't ask me why I ordered red ;)

-Jamie M.

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