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What are your guys' recommended shifting speeds? The manual for my R1 says:

1st - 2nd 12.5 mph (19)
2nd - 3rd 19 mph (29)
3rd - 4th 25 mph (39)
4th - 5th 31 mph (49)
5th - 6th 37.5 mph (59)

But I've heard different from friends who ride. They say I should shift at the speeds in the parenthesis next to the manual recommendations... which one is correct???
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I think it would be OK to shift at any point just before the engine blows up.:p
But I'm serious... it confuses the crap out of me... cause I just got my R1 and I don't want to mess it up already!!!
Personally, I shift according to the sound of the bike and the RPMs. You could cruise around town shifting before 5000 RPMs all the way to 6th gear, or you could redline each gear, you pretty much shift according to the situation, there is no "set" way in which you should shift. Also don't get into the habit of looking at your gauges alot to check speed and RPMs, things tend to happen fast and you could look up and find your self in trouble. You can also looking into shifting without the clutch, there are several threads about it, try searching past threads.
I don't wanna sound like an ass BUT...

Bro, if you're asking when you should shift your bike, I don't think you should riding an R1....sorry, just my opinion - that's not a flame either;)
Re: I don't wanna sound like an ass BUT...

scud said:
Bro, if you're asking when you should shift your bike, I don't think you should riding an R1....sorry, just my opinion - that's not a flame either;)
No, it's a new bike that's why... and with the 600 mile break-in period, I wanna make sure I'm shifting right so that I don't jack up the engine. I've been riding my friends 2001 R1 but I just want to make sure I don't mess up mine the way he did at the beginning.

Oh, and no offense taken!
oh cool...

well, in any event, be fuckin careful bro - it's a serious machine as you probably realize.

Shift when you wish - just be sure an don't ever-rev it, you should adhere to keeping it under 6000 fo the first 500/600 miles (occasionally you can bring it beyond, but use common sense). For 600-1000 try and keep it under 8 grand - remember not to run at one RPM constantly, when you're cruising one the highway, change gears from 6th back to 5th 4th etc - this way the engine gets to run at different rev levels and the tranny gets to run in different gears - it's more important to keep things changing than it is to keep it under a certain level.

lastly, my recomendation is to change the oil at only 250.300 miles- thats when most of the real metal shavings and gunk really wear of the jackets- then you can change it again at 1,000 miles when you're really past the break in period.

good luck and ride safe
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Swapping cogs goes like this.

1st gear ---------> redline, change
2nd gear ---------> redline, change
3rd gear ---------> redline, change
4th gear ---------> redline, change
5th gear ---------> redline, change
6th gear ---------> redline, change

back off just a touch so the front'll come back down.
TmINFRARED, the shift points depend on the type of riding you are doing. Rate of acceleration varies according to the RPMs. The R1 will accelerate the quickest between 5k and 9k RPMs. This is where the engine produces the most torque.

If you are in a situation where acceleration is not important, such as stop and go traffic, you could shift around 3k RPMs. If you want to accelerate faster, you should shift above 5k RPMs.

Everyone has a personal preference. Take it easy until you feel comfortable with the power. :thumbup
The straight skinny

Don't worry about rpms at all. That's why the engineers built in the rev limiters. Most of us just ring it's neck up above 12 grand til we hear it pop and feel the engine stop pulling. Click into 2nd, repeat, 3rd same thing. Etc etc all the way thru the gears. I find it keeps my motor from "loading up " around town. Disregard everything in the owners manual, it's garbage:thumbup
Step number one: Juice it till' it feels / sounds good.......SHIFT.......repeat step number 1.

:D :machinegu

I'm not kidding.........I gas it till the adrenaline is running out of my eye sockets then I shift.

It's more of a "sound" thing for me......when the pipe growls right.....I shift. I don't even really look at the tach......I figure if I get too much adrenaline going, the rev limiter will tone me down.

I didn't have a break in period.....I purchased mine from a friend who was getting divorced and need to get out from under the payment.....it had 900 miles and it's first service on it when I got it, so all I had to do was twist the throttle and hold on.....TIGHT!

Good luck with it man!
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Hey petrol, How do you change out of 6th?? Did you get one of those special 7 spd R1's???? ;)
My R1's got a 12 speed road ranger :bash crash box in it. Doesn't yours?

Seriously Scotty - :bs
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