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Ok...maybe i'm just nuts, but is this possible?

I'd like to redo my forks this winter, sending them to Traxxion Dynamics or similar and have them drop in ohlins cartridges and springs and set them up to my weight. Springs will probably be a .90 or 95. My quesiton though is the rear shock. It's stock obvioulsy, but is it possible to just change the spring, somethign stiffer? I know you can buy just springs, but no where does it say...for instance you could take a spring from ohlins and mount it to your stock shock. Not that I would expect to, but does anyone make something that would work? A 100 dollar spring vs, a 1000 dollar shock, and a little time in my garage is a lot better option for me...considering it's mostly street riding that I do. :( No track, no truck...

Am I crazy then? Seems like i should know this answer.
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