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+ » 2006 Yamaha R6 world launch - exclusive first report

October 30, 2005 - JP via Al
Well, apparently it's 38 degrees Celsius in Qatar today, which is pretty hot. In fact, according to JP, the only cool thing in the desert today is Yamaha's new 2006 R6. We've just called him on his mobile, and here's what he's got to say so far.
"I guess the interesting thing is how much it still feels like an R6. I mean, it looks so amazingly different, I sort of expected a whole new feel to the bike. But that's not the case.
"The new engine is pretty revvy, and is matched to a close-ratio gearbox, but the wide rev range means you're able to hold gears for a long time around here. There's definitely plenty of punch from the new engine, but it doesn't feel super-powerful compared with the other 600s. It's probably comparable to the ZX-636.
"The new front brakes feel stronger than before, and together with the new slipper clutch, it's more composed hard on the brakes. There's less of the fishtailing that could affect the old model.
"Best thing is how easy the new bike is. It feels small and controllable, and it's easy to get on it and just ride fast."
Whew! There'll be more - much more - on the new R6 in the January 2006 edition of SuperBike, on sale soon.

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teamr1 said:
Hell, with the claimed 140 hp at the crank, I was expecting performance similar to the 750.
it's 133hp not 140 at the crank...it's even on yamaha's website :fact
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