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Sup Peeps,

I have been looking online for a bike and came across this jackass. For those who are also looking; BEWARE!!!!! Besides being a scam the "UK Arse" can't spell. Below are the emails this sphincter sent me:

yes,i have the bike,let me know if you want to buy it?
Thank You.

we will use e-mal,because my line is buzzy,let me know what info you need to know about my bike?

Dear Sir,
I must tell you about my bike that it's in United Kingdom,London,about the shipping will be no problem,and the shipping taxes and the insurence of the package will be included in the price.The bike it's in excelent condition,it's run good,i love it,i'm the first owner of it,and it has a clear title.I want to sell it because i'm in divorce with my wife,and i must move on a new home,because my family problems!I hope you will understand me,let me know if you are still interested so we can start our transaction.I will wait your fast reply in order to finish this transaction,
Thank You!
P.S. -you will have at my bike one year money back warranty!

The total price will be 3400USD!
Here is my propose for our deal:
There are 2 options of delivery services that are very fast :
- UPS 3 days air insured
- FedEx 3 days air insured
Any of those services are good, but I personaly prefere UPS 3 days air, if you have other preference, there is no problem.
For payment, the fastest ways to send money worldwide are Western Union wire
transfer. To arrange the transfer, you must go in person to an Western Union (you cannot send money online to this country, but please visit www.westernunion.com or to find the nearest agent and hours of operation). From Western Union , you will receive a number (MTCN )Money Transfer Control Number), you must send me that number as soon as you have arranged the payment so I
can go to www.westernunion.com to see if the transaction is arranged. As soon as I have verifyed the transaction, I will
ship you the package with all the accesories with the delivery service selected by
you. For the reason that you will pay some money for the Western Union wire transfer fee, I will cover shipping and insurance.

NO PAYPAL:I won't use Paypal because i was burned twice. Please check this site:
www.paypalsucks.com and you will see that i have right.
Pyament metod:WesternUnion(http://www.westernunion.com/info/agentInquiryIntl.asp?country=glob
As a payment method I have chosen WesternUnion's services because
they always served our interests in a professional manner and helped us
gain buyers. We consider promptitude a vital condition on the modern
eCommerce markets and a guarantee of quality. Here are the main
advantages WesternUnion provides over other payment solutions:
- years of experience in the Money Transfer business
- locations worldwide in more than 186 countries
- transfer fee may be charged to the receiver
- always local currency (usually cash)
- easy - no bank accounts or lengthy procedures
- reliable - proven track record
- convenient - open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 364 days of the year
- high level of security - authorized users only
We cover the shiping fees + insurance if you cover the western union
fees(UPS EXPRESS).>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

There is one word to describe this guy: "DOUCHE"

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shipping ups or fedex 3 day would be like 2 grand

MY Bike Blows Me
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i had a bddy fall for it but he lost 6500 i tried to tell him it was a scam be he new more than me so now he is paying bac a 6500 loan and no bike i sure hope the bank dosent find out they have no colateral
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