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I have a pair of the nicest Brazilian Rainbow Boas you will find- they were paired up for breeding and are ready to go- babies sell for a conservative 250 each- They typically yield about 14 to 20 babies, so do the math!!

The quality of these animals is unsurpassed- both are originally from two different Jeff Clark blood lines- literally, I guarentee you will not have seen a male as nice as mine- he's almost 2 years old, he's a vivid mdeium-orange phase and my female is a vivid red phase- the babies are unbelieveable.

I am relocating and cannot take the animals with me- selling for 400 / 350 (female / male) or 650 for the pair. I also have a vision 4 foot display cage with a waterfall/humidity system. + heaters.

As for the snakes, they both eat voraciously and are absolutely stunners! Pictures coming soon. Please email or PM with quesitons or offers- I need to sell before I move. thanks
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