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SOLD: 09-14 R1 Graves Link 3/4 Ti Exhaust - $950 Shipped

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Parting ways with these lovely jewels. Used less than 3k street/track miles. Asking $OLD in the CONUS upper 48. Took close up shots of only notable nicks/marks. Ask questions when in doubt :crash

Graves Motorsports LINK R1 Cat Eliminator Titanium Exhaust $OLD! AlemanR1 :thumbup

*Note mark on metal bracket of end cap*
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I really want these but I won't have the funds for 2 weeks :-(
Nice! I rather spent $1400 on new stuff anyways.. not! Lol
Sold in record time... :thumbup
You ain't kidding. Good stuff man. :)
Congrats Aleman!!! Great lookin' set of pipes at a great price. Nice Marqi. Excited to see what you do with the new bike!!!:thumbup
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