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South dealer with an '04?

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I recently decided to try and get a '04, but somebody else got their deposit to Lake Hill on the last 04 before me. So now I am looking, and not alot of dealers have '04's in L. Silver like I want. Anybody know of a dealer in the South that has a L. Silver 04 in their showroom? I'm willing to drive to AL or FL. If you've got an e-mail addy that would be great too. thanks.
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The dealer near me had a silver r1 that was not spoken for but that was last week and I dont know if they still have it. They were asking $10,900 for it and laughed at them :lol
Went to two spots down here in Ft. Lauderdale looking for a clutch cable, and taking a look around neither had any 04's. :dunno

The dealership I work for, in Greenville, NC is expecting 2 Silver '04s soon.. neither are spoken for as of today.
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