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Speed Gearing Calculator to help the Topspeed junkies

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Ok, lets end this, HOPEFULLY:flush: .

World wide people claim, not just R1 owners, about how fast there bikes are, my experience, it's all a load of crap,...300km/h stock R1's or bikes with a filter doing 310...:dundun: .....please.....

Get the basics right....go to this site and see what your bike is GEARED, help your mates out and tell them about this before more people make ass's of themselves.....:lhumper:

Gearing Commander:

By the way, the R1 limits around TRUE 13200rpm, at least mine does so please don't use the clocks to input into the calculator. I ran race gearing until today and the GPS is 100% spot on with the Topspeed/Revs readings the Gearing Commander gave me.
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