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pink wire ?

also this may be a dumb question but someone came up to me and told me to cut the pink wire on my 2000 R1 and that would make it faster in first gear. I love my bike to much to just cut some wire im not sure about ?
is this somthing i should know about being a R1 owner

I was wondering if anyone could help me correct my speedo.
I am geared 1 down and 2 up and my speedo is way off as im sure some of you know? Is there any aftermarket companies offering a fix for this? I am putting miles on my bike that i cant take credit for.
thanks for any help Jason

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do not cut any wires that is old as dirt tricks.
their is no antiwhelie wire on an r1, that is what that wire use to be refered to as back in the day.
and even then i dont think it did anything for performance.and if it was that easy we would not need full exhaust systems and jet kits,turbos ect,ect,
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