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Sport rider mag suspension setup

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Does anyone know if the suggested suspension settings for the 04 R1, in the recent Sport rider mag is for street or track? Has anyone tried this setup and what is your opinion of it? Raising the forks 5mm in the triple clamp will make the bike even quicker steering and put more weight on the front wheel. I have another concern as well. I have already checked the sag on my bike and it's good. So if I change to their setup will it change the sag?
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Just read it. Here are the suspension settings they used:


Preload: 3 lines showing
Rebound: 7 clicks from full
Compression: 9 clicks from full


Preload: 8 out of 9 position
Rebound: 21 clicks from full
Compression: 7 clicks from full

Not sure how heavy their rider is, but I'm guessing they are probably around the 150-160lb. range. I can say that b/c I just took my bike to the track and set up the suspension there and came really close to their recommended settings. Maybe 1 or 2 clicks off for rebound and compression but spot on with the preload settings. The R1 was fun on the street, but it REALLY shines at the track! :yesnod
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I weigh a bit more. 215 in full gear. I guess I should just try their recommendation and see how I like it. All I did was check the sag and then checked the stock settings to make sure they were the same. Thanks for the help.
With those settings it gotta be track:thumbup
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