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What does dropping and adding teeth to the stock sprockets do?

I am going to be changing my chain soon, and may change the sprockets along with it, so I am looking at seeing what the various tooth numbers change.


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Here's a quick class.

Going down in the front: This will increase acceleration, but decrease top end speed. Front sprocket is also cheaper to change than the rear. Don't go down too many teeth from the stock front sprocket though otherwise it'll be really hard on your chaing.

Going up in the front: This will increase your top end, but decrease your acceleration. Not a very popular mod among Sportbikes.

Going down in the rear: This will increase top end speed as well. Rear sprockets run a bit more than front sprockets for obvious reasons. (More material for those who don't understand.) If you ride alot, stay with a steel sprocket. If you do track days and such and are concerned about weight and/or lap times get and aluminum. Aluminum will wear out MUCH faster than a steel sprocket.

Going up in the rear: This will increase acceleration, but decrease top end. Here's a good rule of thumb: Going up 2 or 3 teeth in the rear is about the same as going down 1 tooth in the front.

Hope this helps. :)
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