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As some of you may have seen, there has been recent activity starting up within the Squadron areas.

A while back the idea came up to form groups by region, to allow members to form into "Squadron's" to interact with each other regionally. This is a good idea for several reasons. For those in the area of the East Coast Convention at Deals Gap, that is an event to plan for. And people plan, well in advance, to make that event. There are a few other "Forum" events that take place, but much is more regionalized. Using the Squadron's we can more easily plan for events that we might not have otherwise considered. And being aware of them well before they take place is key on being able to plan for them.

In no way are the squadrons intended to take away from the posting in existing sub forums. More, to enhance it. A trackday event at Jennings GP would still go in the Trackdays Forum. But, those closest to that facility can start up threads and coordinate well in advance. When we are privy to information regionally, as well as within the overall Forum areas, we may think more towards making that event. Another good example might be a traveling Forum member going into a region other than their own. They can drop into the Squadron area and see what regional events might be taking place. All along still making our plans for the big Forum events such as the Convention at Deals Gap.

The formation of squadrons and applicable rules and sign up criteria are within the Squadrons Forum. I've copied the rules here for ease. These can be negotiated as need be through the Squadron CO's via the Squadron Form Moderators, to SpidermanSS:

1) Choose an insignia/name that does not sound like a gang. Names like "Dragons," "Reapers," "Devil Worshipers" and "Bloods" might sound cool, but they draw unnecessary and unwanted attention from John Q Law, and make us look like a bunch of posers. You squadron name should be representative of the region you live in, and should reflect positively on this forum and its members.

2) DO NOT DO THINGS THAT WILL MAKE THE REST OF US LOOK LIKE JACKASSES. Stand-up wheelies through school zones, rolling burnouts in a church parking lot, or just plain discourteous behavior. Use your common sense. I'm not saying that stunting is banned, but just do things in the appropriate environments. Illegal or dangerous riding is grounds for suspension or a ban from the squadron.

3) Elect a CO who will be responsible and has a great deal of experience with riding (and who isn't too busy), and then respect the decisions this person makes on your behalf. If the CO is unreachable, respect the decision of the XO. This is not about a power trip or throwing around a lot of weight, but these people will need to disseminate a lot of information for the rest of the squad and are responsible for maintaining the image and are accountable for the behavior and activities of their squadron mates and squadron. This responsibility should not be taken lightly.

4) Official Squadron activities must be passed through your CO to be approved. Unofficial activities are encouraged as well. There are a lot of great people on this forum, so don't let yourself be discouraged if your CO is not available or unreachable.


6) Membership has some basic requirement. Foremost, they need to be a member of this forum, NO CRIMINALS (you know who you are), and I think there should be a minimum age of 21 (sorry young guns), though I will leave all of this to each Squadon Commander to enforce.

7) Have fun.

8) Respect other squadrons, and not spam or interfere with the operations of another squadrons.
8a) If there are inter-squadron squables, I will step in and settle it with the help of the squadron leaders (don't make me do this).


I would offer that a member visiting another squadron region and abiding by that Squadron and CO concerns be allowed to put the visited squadron designation and or logo on their motorcycle. The expense of these stickers will be born by the visiting pilot.

Please be aware that violations of these rules will be dealt with severely. The Forum and the Squadrons should be represented respectfully at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions will assist in general guidelines and officer positions. Each squadron member should review these to understand what is to be expected.

Overall, we need to keep in mind this is a sub section of the R1-Forum. Squadron activities and conversation should remain respectful and well representative of the R1-Forum. And as always, pictures are HIGHLY encouraged.

In each of the active squadron sub forums you will find a sign up thread that has been stickied. If there is not a sign up thread for your squadron, create one following the examples of the other squadrons (copy and paste, and add your name to the bottom). At some point squadron officers will need to be identified and or appointed as covered by the FAQ. Please make these choices based on availability to the squadron, and desire to help.
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