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Squadron assignments are meant as a way for people living in roughly the same geographical region to get together, ride, help each other out, etc. A squadron is a quick, easy way of identifying people who live near you, and who are members of the forum.

Each squadron has a very different in make-up and temperment, so should not be compared to any other.

Each member of a squadron bears a responsibility to the other members in his squadron. i.e. if you do something stupid, and people recognize the insignia, the next guy who comes by with that insignia on his bike is going to pay for it. Worse yet, if the police become involved, EVERYONE in the squad will pay for it, particularly the C/O.

Most of all, the squadrons and insigias are meant to be fun.

The C/O
The C/O is elected by the people in his region, and is a volunteer position. It is not about telling other members what to do, how to do it. or where to go. It is about being helpful and available to the members in his region.

The C/O's responsibilities
-Collect rider information
-Coordinate local events
-Be available to help members find other members, with info, etc.
-Stay on top of things and get things done for the squad that need to get done (find out how much stickers will cost, etc.). This will sometimes mean the C/O will make an executive decision based upon what has been put before him.
-Help Swedie and the moderating team with people causing problems (the reason for this is that the C/O may know a person better than Swedie or other mods, and may be able to clear an issue up before it turns into an instant 'ban'--it is not about being on a power trip).

Other Officers
Other officers help the C/O coordinate events, squad materials, and with anything else he may need. These officers are chosen by the C/O, because they are helpful and want to build community, and work well with the C/O (for the same reason the Vice President is not voted in seperately).

Both the C/O and other officer positions are servant positions. They are there to help the squadron. If you do not have the time to actually help out with things, you should not be an officer in the squadron. If you do not believe your C/O has been carrying out his duties, or you do not trust him to select your officers, you need to nominate and vote for a new C/O.

Squadron Names and Insignias
Squadron names and insignia are voted on by the members from the ideas contributed by ALL the members. The only way to change this is if enough members of the squadron want to change it; i.e. post a poll. An alternate design or suggestion for what you want would be helpful. I will do my best to help with designs if there is noone in your region with illustrative skills.

Finally, anything that happens in other squadrons DOES concern me, as this was my idea to begin with. My main concern is that everyone has a GOOD TIME, does not feel left out or picked on. I am here to help squadrons in any way I can, from helping design their insignias, answering questions, and help things run smoothly in general.

I have already seen many people benefit from this, at least by learning that there are a lot more forum members in their neighborhood that they can ride with than they thought. So even if you don't join a squadron, I'm glad that you may have met a new bud you can hang with and drink a few beers.

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