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I have a relatively stock R1 ('05), with just over 5000 miles. The only performance mod done to the bike is the race baffles (stock can's). After installing them, sometimes while the bike is in gear and no throttle ( correct me if I'm wrong but I think its called compression braking) it will do some slight popping.

However, today, after starting the bike up (prolly like 50 degrees outside) it made some really loud popping. After getting ready to leave my destination, I started the bike up, and it stalled. I started it again, it hesitated to start, idled low (under 1k) and stalled. After starting it up a couple times more and giving it gas to keep it raised, I got back to the barracks, and turned it off. Later on, it was if the problem never happened. Any suggestions? plugs?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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