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I am forwarding this from a local forum in Calgary. The family is beside themselves since this was a very special item to them. The tragic event stole a very special person in the Edmonton motorcycle community. Any help returning the helmet to the family will be appreciated.


Last year one of our managers lost his only son in a tragic motorcycle
accident. He was part of a dirt bike jumping team and had his own
business when a trick they were practicing went horribly wrong. At the
funeral one of his best friends painted his helmet in his memory and
gave it to the family. They had it on display in a glass case in their
house. Unfortunately, a bunch of scumbags broke into their house and
stole everything of value - including the helmet. All they want back is
this helmet as it obviously has sentimental value to them. Can you
forward this message and photo to the group just on the off chance they
happen to see it somewhere?

The family has already thanked me for trying and I'm know they would
appreciate any effort that we can make.


Erik Dumas
Manager, Sales & Marketing
Mullen Oilfield Services LP
Phone: (403) 213-4713


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If something pops up on ebay, I am sure this one would be able to spot. You might watch Craigslist also.


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Asshats out there, I hope they get him!!!!
Sorry to hear of their loss
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