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stop looking biatches!

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:lol well i just bought a blue 99:jump thanks gumpton (nathan). look out pete im a comin to get ya:riding :sneaky
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well done a new toy is allways good:thumbup

do your mods fast , a mouth sounds far to long not to be riding it

speeking of riding , its friday the sun is out so i will have to go :riding now
Lord_Phat said:
i hope you and steve crash into each other :finger

****ing ****s, riding whilst i'm working :rant

:2bitchsla :2bitchsla
had lots of fun rideing today whilst you where at work ,

life just sucks for some :p :makeout
Steve_F said:
dont lie, we did 3 laps of reefton and didnt see anyone old or slow up there.

got ther about 4 and stayed til 5ish.

good be be back agaiun, thats the first ride ive been out on since i got done at woori.
ha ha i see know ression to lie ,you did not see anyone old and slow up there , it seem you just missed us , we got into marrysville at 10 past 4 this was on the way home
come find us tomorrow i ill be up there again
1 - 3 of 41 Posts
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