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Just made this great wheelie.. did you see it?!
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1) Find a place to store it, get the tools you'll need
2)Run the bike, fill the tank, stabilize the gas
3) Change the oil
4) Put bike on stands
5) Spray fogging oil in cylinders
6) Cover intake/exhaust with bags
7) Final fuel system checks
8) Remove and charge the battery
9) Wash, dry, and wax dry the bike
10) Protect the bike's exposed metal
11) Lock it up
12) Cover It
Do not run the engine over the winter! You'll just create condensation in the engine and combustion byproducts (acids, etc)
Things To do Before Summer :)

lubricate control cables and periodically operate all controls.
check (and, if necessary, adjust) chain/belt tension.
lubricate chain, or lube driveshaft.
check brake pads and rotors.
change fluids (brake, clutch, etc).
inspect/replace/clean air filter
check all bolts to make sure nothing is loosening
inspect tires (for cuts, uneven wear, dry-rot, tread depth, images of the Virgin Mary, etc).
inspect swingarm and steering head bearings
lube suspension, pivot points, grease fittings, etc

Have a merry Xmass and Happy new year :)
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