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Street racing

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You ok with street racing or do you think people should stick to the track for such things?

I myself am up for some racing if I everything is being made without risk for other trafficants.
(we (potatoes mc that I ride with) usually find some deserted back road)

Some just don't have access to closed roads or tracks.

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It depends on the situation for me. Sometimes I will, sometimes I wont...depends a lot on where I am and other conditions.
I don't race per se, I usually ride with a couple of friends who don't worry about who's the fastest. We each usually run fastest on our favorite/home roads, and take turns leading the pack. As for racing out in the boonies, it just takes longer for the ambulance to get there!:D

PS Nice smoke show pic!
At times my friends and I will do time trials so to speak. We'll find a nice piece of road to run or a landmark up ahead and see who can get to first. Usually this is done one at a time. I don't mind getting a little "competitive", I use that work loosely, on roads where I know there is limited traffic. For instance, there is a stretch of road about 25 miles long with hardly any traffice, mostly straight too. My buddy and I will run down there running about 125-150mph. We have fun feeling the affects of the draft. Often we'll run side my side and crack the throttle together to see who will pull away faster. Our biggest worry is deer! :( It's all about the sling shot!
Dragracing is boring. What´s the point? Gimme some turns any time!
Can't say I have never done it. But, is it worth losing your bike over? I mean If you die riding your bike. You a prievelge person. Only the lucky get to go doing something they truely love to do.

Where i live we have a subdivision(about 1000 acers of land) that never got developed besides the roads,,, we take it to the track out there ( which is just some streets that line up with each other) its about 2 miles in length and plenty of corners,,,, the longest straight is about an 1/8 mile which can easily be run down at about the edge of 100mph,,, the sorry thing about it is the cops are starting to harrass us about going out there( even though its 10 miles from the closet town)
their saying that their are to many people going out there,,, the most we have ever had is about 300 bikes on one weekend( we had some stars out there too
If anyone has heard of the las vegas extremes and four or five other stunt rider clubs
its all fun and games til somebody loses an eye. . . .

well, I'm not gonna lie, i know exactly how fast my bike goes, with and w/o head/tailwind. does that make it right or wrong, no. We've all lost friends riding, for instance, a buddy of mine t-boned a car at way over 100, nobody knows for sure at that speed cause you can't tell. But he was running from the cops, and he lost. I've "run" from the cops before/after but never like that. I think of it like this, if you wanna race, do stunts, hurt/kill yourself, my friends front tire was smashed so hard into the car he hit that the car door was touching the driver. thank god nobody was in that seat. Sorry to vent like this but my friend just died, choked on his vomit, so I'm a little on edge, but if i gotta go i'd prefer it to be at about 180 on my bike than like that.
god bless, be safe, and watch out for your friends,
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I usaully ride w/ people I know ... although we know who is faster ..sometimes we just race for fun .. actaully I wouldn't call it racing because no one is trying to beat one other .. we all just want to ride fast ...

and when we meet up w/ other people in big groups we usaully leave our ego's at home ... riding a bike is no joke :bash :crash

now when the cops chase us down .. then we find out who's the slowest ...:D
Our group has been chased a lot.. :( not so nice..

Not so strange when a group of 50 sportbike riders come racing on the streets.. and twisty roads.
Canuck said it the best....I have had too many people buy the farm out in the boonies and check out b/c it just took too long to get the help. Not to say that I never ride fast....I mean...It is an R1 we are talking about....
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