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I bought a used 2012 R1 with 438 miles on it in January. Took it for the first ride of the season, ended up sliding on the right hand side and needing to replace the oil pump covers. Finally got the parts, i started working on bike. Everything done, going back together, grabbed one of the 1/4" shorter bolts instead of the only 1/4" longer bolt for the cover and stripped the outer 3/16" of thread out of the engine case.
What do I do now? Get an even longer bolt (the hole is about 3/32" deeper than the long bolt) to use what is let of the threads and not torque it to spec (12nm), or try tapping it out for a bigger bolt? I'll admit, I'm scared to death of tapping the aluminum engine case and screwing it up when more than it already is. Please, any help you guys can offer is greatly appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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