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Stripped Wheels

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Got bored this evening and decided to strip my wheels I left the spokes and center black the pics don't really do it justice I will try and get some in the daylight tomorrow
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How much worked is involved in doing that? I like the look of the wheels when they shine.
It took a total of about 3 hours to do both wheels. Just tape off what you don't want stripped,get some aircraft stripper brush it on let it sit for about 15 min. then start rubbing with steel wool. The wheels have a satin aluminum finish from the factory under the paint. You can polish them to a mirror finish if you want but I like the satin look.


What is aircraft stripper???

Can someone explaine in swedish!
Aircraft stripper is just a really strong paint stripper,any good paint stripper should do it.
Did you take the wheels off, or did you leave them on? I am considering doing this. Oh yeah, how tough is it to really **** up?
I took them off,makes it easier to work with. It is hard to **** up if you take your time and tape off the centers well(if you want to leave them painted) Just make sure you use a quality masking tape and put a couple of layers down
So this is one of the ways in polishing except you don't go any further than just removing the paint?

The actual polishing method requires you to use different grits to make a shine after removing the paint right? I like to try but only if i'm 100% sure of what the hell i'm doing.
Stripping them is easy. Just make sure that you tape off what you do not want stripped, and tape it real good. Aircraft Stripper is the best to use I think. Takes no time at all.

Good luck.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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