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Today I managed to put together a servo eliminator following the instructions in post #7 & #8 from this post: HOW TO: DIY EXUP Motor Eliminator

Here are a few photos. I didn't have 1.5KΩ resistors so I put two 600-ish Ω resistors in series for a total of 1.2KΩ and they seem to work just fine. I chopped the connectors off the obviously dead servo motor and wired them into the PCB. This is a form of 'veroboard' where rows of 5 holes are connected together. It takes a little thought but proves solid results.

For 'packaging' I used a technique that I've been taught for waterproofing connectors. Using initially self-amalgamating tape - stretched and applied. This tape sticks to itself and then provides a sticky base for the electrical tape top-layer - also stretched as applied. A cable tie around the cables before starting, which is itself then wrapped, helps with the waterproofing.

Tested in the garage it seems to work fine - good excuse to check it out on the roads tomorrow with a 'test ride' ;).

Regards, Mark.

Circuit component Electrical wiring Technology Cable Wire

Veroboard based circuit

Wood Gesture Art Creative arts Triangle

First layer of self-amalgamating tape, followed by another wrap the other way.

Wood Natural material Musical instrument Fashion accessory Metal

Final wrap - several layers of stretched electrical tape

Wood Ruler Audio equipment Hat Office supplies

Self-amalgamating tape.

Wood Fashion accessory Metal Creative arts Liver

Finished product, cable tied into a suitable position.
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