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I haven't been a member here that long myself, but here are a few suggestions.

Like many forums, this is not as active as it used to be. If you ask something, it may take a while for an answer, or you might not get one. Don't just give up on the forum if that happens.

Don't join just to ask what's wrong with my bike. This forum does not exist to provide free advice to everyone who drops in.

Start posting. That's how forums work. There's a great bunch of people here and no one's going to bite your head off.

We're always interested in bikes, especially if they have cool mods. Tell us what you have and include some photos. Tapatalk (app for phones and tablets) is probably the easiest way to post photos.

This forum has been around for nearly 20 years and is a gold mine of info on the R1. The forum search works OK, but Google is usually better. Just about any search you do on the R1 will find something here.
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