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I posted this problem a few weeks ago, but I can't find the thread.. I did what was suggested, but to no avail.. I have some more info so I'm gonna do the dreaded re-post. Here goes..

Hard to explain really, so please bare with me..

In first and second gear, lower RPM, lower speeds, moderate to little acceleration. Most noticeable in first gear between 4-6k RPMs, noticeable in second also. Feels like its "skipping" almost. Not enough to be an entire tooth on the sprocket IMO, but i'm not sure. Maybe clutch slips? But wouldnt it happen more at hard acceleration if it was clutch slippage?? Under hard accelration I feel nothing, its pulls my head off my shoulders when I whack the throttle. Maybe its just so small I can't notice it at that point. I have only done two things to the bike so far and they were both at the same time I dont know if it started with one or the other. I went down a tooth on the front sprocket (Vortex 16t w/stock chain and rear sprocket). The other thing wasnt even a mod. The '04-'05 R1's have a bit of a sticky clutch plate issue in the first 1000 miles.. A cure for that is to lay the bike on its side for a an hour to soak the clutch plates in the engine oil.. It def solved the sticky clutch issue, but could this be causing to it to slip? When I changed the oil I used VALVOLINE 20w50 Motorcycle oil (Non Synthetic). I know its recommended when installing a new clutch to soak the plates in oil anyway, so I can't see this being the problem. I lubed the chain also, thinking that might be the cause.. Didnt work though..

Any suggestions appreciated.. I'm sure it's covered if I take it to the dealership, was just trying to avoid having to ride it all the way out to Jersey. Hoping its not a transmission issue. only 750 miles on it..
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