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I was about to order some of their led's, to complement my soon-to-arrive angel eyes. I already have some of their T13's, which are comprised of 6 leds, but noticed on their site that there is also a 9 led cluster (921's) that seem to fit the same "socket"..

Anyone know if these are suitable for use as running lights? Or should I just stick with the T13's?? Surely the 9 led clusters would be even brighter than (the already impressively bright) T13's...
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yes... but does anyone know if the 9 led clusters also fit??? I am about to order and it would be a shame if they don't squeeze into the socket..

Doesn't anyone have workign experience with the 9led clusters? Are they significantly brighter?
I have the same problem (so does another mate in Melbourne).. One of the led clusters only half lights-up?

It's something to do with the wiring, not the led itself. When I had some major mechanical work done recently, I went back to pick the bike up, and I was like "great, now I've gotta order new leds cause that one's blown or something."

Anyhow the mechanic had a bit of a fiddle around the fuse-box region, and suddenly the led-cluster lit up wholly again. DOn't know what he did exactly, but I'm gonna have to take a look myself, because it's gone dark again....

Now can anyone tell me about those 9led clusters, or not?
Logik said:
How do you explain, when i change the LED bulb for a new one it works fine... and if i take the defective bulb and install it on another seperate vehicle (my truck) and it still half lights up?
I don't even know how to explain why mine turned back on with some fiddling in the fuse box.. Poor contacts maybe? Why is it that only half of the leds seem to blow, why not the other half?

Sorry mate, I can't explain it, and I'm no mechanic or auto-electrician, all I know is in my instance the led cluster that seemed blown turned back on.. Your situation might be totally different, but why is it that so many of the forum regs use superbright leds for years without hassle? :dunno
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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