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Suspension question

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I recently adjusted my suspension and thought I would try SR's #'s they have on the web. At first, it fixed my rear wheel "slide" and I thought I was back in heavan. Now last night was only the second ride since I had changed it...

My problem, the bike does not want to lean into corners, no matter how hard I push on the clipon. It slightly leans over, then from there, its almost impossible to steer the bike without hanging off like a spider monkey.

If anyone has any suggested settings for a 190LB 6'2" rider, I am willing to try them out, before I just go tweaking the hell out of it.

My question is, what part of the suspension is keeping it so upright, or where should I start?
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The SR settings are prabably for someone lighter than you(140ish?).
Set your sag at 1 3/8 inch at the rear and 1 1/2 inch front.

Drop the front 5mm.....:thumbup
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